ConsumptiveGuilt Reflex

neat things on the internet – gallery-dl: used it just now to grab a bunch of stuff off of my twitter feed cause im too lazy to get them again from my phone… – loop hero: you can feel the inspiration in this game


Logos for Campers

ok, i’ll start then if no one else has anything to say. this drawing has been going on for some time, like just get to the finish line already. also i do believe this is the first post since i decided to go rogue on the ‘’ and instead opted for a, which is… Continue reading Logos for Campers


Bad Prototype Fantasies

Learning destroys brain cells

Started learning python, know some bash, feels vaguely familiar, but the syntax is simpler-ish (?) and makes me wanna throw out my german keyboard cause I can’t deal with all the parentheses, trying to follow a really simple course and I just keep looking down and seeing them on 8 & 9, then another brain… Continue reading Bad Prototype Fantasies