Many small lines accumulating

Hate Adobe / Love Photomerge

Some scanning has been done, of the proper variety, no lousy hand scanner testing here, no sir. Hopefully I can manage a weekly update, I think it will be mildly interesting in the end to see a year of drawing being built up, very mild. Here is a few more bits of miscellany.


Untitled 2019 Updated

Untitled 2019 Finished the drawing above about 6 months ago, ripped up a scanner in order to get it scanned in somewhat, that still left some distortions in place, and needs a remake. The tough part was the top part of this, seemed like everything wanted to reject patching it together, figured out finally that… Continue reading Untitled 2019 Updated


Ready Enough

Currently been working away at this for the past couple of days and seeing what breaks, Jetpack blew up and crushed images with its content delivery network nonsense, countless terrible plugins/themes were tried, coming back to WordPress is both comforting and a reminder of what made me run off into the wilderness and scratch HTML… Continue reading Ready Enough