Logos for Campers

ok, i’ll start then if no one else has anything to say. this drawing has been going on for some time, like just get to the finish line already.

also i do believe this is the first post since i decided to go rogue on the ‘amillionyearsoftoomanydamnwordstotypeinafuckinurlbarsleep.com’ and instead opted for a dietcoma.com, which is in line with the theme. and will do for now. “

(no one goes to websites, let alone types URL’s anymore)


been teaching this dude to fight. he pretty dumb still, but hes getting more aggro so thats a +
and working on a small pacman ho
mage, galaga when i get good enough


did this “logo” for a friend who did not wanna be found online, or post a photo of himself anywhere. cuz he been up to sum shit.

then, cause yknow, “low profile” styles and all that, he went and

won a fuckin pulitzer: