Fixing up the top half of “Untitled 2019”

I could never get this to scan in right, some images weren’t the same size, and I ran thru every conceivable option I thought, but I seem to have forced Photoshop into finally getting this, albeit with a bit of a fish eye lens somehow. Still gotta fix that… The pic above is cropped to avoid that annoyance, but later next week I will fix this all up and combo it into the Untitled 2019 page.

Hand Scanner Test Run

‘Loetad’ hand scanner toy – story of a test run…

Ink is dark. Not that dark, not by a mile.

To dark. Re-calibrate, and results:

Bit less contrasty

I think overall, not terrible. I will play more with the calibration, if anyone online who might be reading this and actually knows better, please please email me, I know very (very) few will read this, and then yet fewer would also have such a scanner, the venn diagram is not looking good here, but hey why not ask any ways..

Testing procrastination capabilities

I have the ability to post from my phone, it’s probably not the best idea.

wip 2020 – 01.03.20

Also, let’s check this image shrinking.

Well this is what I’m starting at. Early early starts… Goal = done in September, or sooner, but not likely.

And in a couple of days I will have a new hand held scanner toy, which should mean a lot more mini updates, breaks that go on for too long under the excuse that I am documenting process or some such shit.

Ready Enough

Currently been working away at this for the past couple of days and seeing what breaks, Jetpack blew up and crushed images with its content delivery network nonsense, countless terrible plugins/themes were tried, coming back to WordPress is both comforting and a reminder of what made me run off into the wilderness and scratch HTML into the dirt.

Re-assembling works now, so much scattered information, jpegs strewn about hard drives and websites with god awful filenames I seemed to have found amusing for some reason ‘blogcrankx-99_dt-a.jpg’, or the usual ‘IMG_8UTJ777.JPG’ garbage. I will try and be patient and consistent, attempt to get fresh scans when I can and prioritize quality, though I will descend from that into quantity in a set of steps from pages, to posts to tweets.

The past year or so, I banged away at bash scripting and vim, making

I learned a lot in the process and improved my vim/tmux/shell skills immensely, from novice to novice+ (I can see the depth of this sea). The site worked for the most part, with a shortcoming for mobile devices obviously, but well I think my drawings mostly look terrible on a phone anyways. Its biggest problem was adding new works and editing the existing work pages, I made a “bashpress” script to try and make this process simpler:

… # menus nine(){ vim -p works_menu.html updates_menu.html } # — menus please — show_menus() { clear echo “” echo ” |—————————–|” message=” |-${red}* ${bold}${yellow} B_A_S_H . P_R_E_S_S ${std}${red}*${std} -|” printer echo ” |—————————–|” echo ” |—index/updates————-|” echo ” |—————————–|” echo ” | 1. add a new entry |”…

This was pretty good, but it worked best as a method for adding updates, and not being to concerned with customizing the presentation, and using vim to write updates beats all, but for a site that is kinda image-centric, it can be a little rough going. And as well whenever I added any new “feature” I seemed to be adding to a house of cards and any attempt at major renovation or stability increasing would definitely send the whole matter to the ground in seconds, I think I found my limits.

So I admit that content is the point and I am not a real programmer by any stretch. To the back burner for now and back to making sites the almost easy way, or easy-ish, nearly pleasant but then if WordPress decides functionality is the enemy of needless innovation, they will probably introduce and editor made entirely of dust and smoke which is moved by aural vibrations and comes with an offer to upgrade to a version that won’t break your existing plugins if you just offer up your every last bit of privacy so they can get a bit of that surveillance cash flow.